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BEWI CAT®  meatinis 

Moist food has the advantage that the cat also takes in water with the food. For this reason, many cats prefer a mixture of dry and moist food, with moist food being given once or twice a day at fixed mealtimes in addition to the dry food.

BEWI CAT® meatinis 

  • 3 delicious flavors - Game, Chicken & Fish
  • Juicy, meaty texture!
  • Min. 80% meat products, guaranteed exclusively from animals fit for human consumption
  • No artificial colorings, flavors or preservatives
  • No soy protein 
BEWI CAT® with game 400 g BEWI CAT® with chicken 400g  BEWI CAT® with fish 400g 

Feeding recommendation:

Per feeding (twice daily) we recommend a quantity of approximately 200 grams for a full-grown cat weighing between 3 - 5 kg. When a mixture of dry and moist food is given, this quantity should be reduced accordingly.

Meat guarantee

  • 80% meat products
  • Guaranteed exclusively from animals fit for human consumption 

The perfect mix!

The BEWI CAT® product range lets you combine high-quality moist food (meatinis with at least 80% meat) with crunchy dry food rich in meat (croccinis and adult) to give your cat an optimal diet.
BEWI CAT® products are ideally coordinated for mixed feeding.

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